Valiant is a major city in the Superhero Nation Universe, it is located where New York used to be before The Endor Invasion. After the destruction Endor caused the city, it was rebuild with new material and with very rich resources.


  • Rider Industries: Rider Industries is a company created by Frederick Rider in the 1950s and was passsed down generation by generation. It currently is one of the tallest buildings in Valiant, located in the very heart of the Manhattan District.
  • The Valiant Corporation: The Valiant Corporation was founded soon after The Ender Invasion. Post-invasion, the city was in ashes and many orphans roamed the streets. The founder- James T. Ragnor- decided to found The Valiant Corporation to foster the young and innocent and keep them off the street. It is currentley located in the Manhattan District.
  • Starlling Sweets: Located in The White Market, Starlling Sweets sells food and drinks that can be used to boost energy.
  • Meda-Farm: Located in The White Market, Meda-Farm sells you all your medical needs and essentials.
  • SkyKar: SkyKar is a vehicle association. Located all around the world, SkyKar shops sell different types of vehicles from aquatic to ATVs. SkyKar is located in The White Market.
  • Comet Cafe: Comet Cafe is a restaurant located in the Queens District, it is one of the most famous restaurants there and has one of the best desserts in the city.
  • Mississippi: Mississippi is one of the most famous restaurants in the whole city, it is considered the best restaurant in the Manhattan District and is usually a place where many rich people visit.
  • McDonald's: McDonald's is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants and is one of the many fast food restaurants in the city.

Major LocationsEdit

  • Central Park: A once grand park, Central Park is now a place for lavish battles and traning. You can often find many friends playing games and having friendly competitons in the park. It is also home to a special breed of fauna called Blyksa that produces a sweet scent used for love potions.
  • The Narrows: The Narrows is the slums beneath the city. Filled with rats, diseas, and beggers, The Narrows is the birthplace of the cities crime.
  • Lovett Street: Lovett Street is home to The White Market.
  • The White Market: Known for selling the best goods, the shops here include Starlling Sweets, Meda-Farm, and SkyKar. Heroes can come here to purchase items and other essentials in their fight against evil.
  • Lovett Bridge: One of the five city bridges. Grants acess to the Lovett District.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: One of the five city bridges. Grants access to the Brooklyn District.
  • Manhattan Bridge: One of the five city bridges. Grants access to the Manhattan District.
  • Queens Bridge: One of the five city bridges. Grants access to the Queens District.
  • Port Bridge: One of the five city bridges. Grants acess to the Port District.
  • Port District: The Port District is home to the cities ports. Here, players can acess their purchased aquatic vehicles, or they can buy a ticket to another city, including Valiant's sister city, Heronimus.
  • Docks: Here the players can fish, and then sell their fish in return for money and prizes.
  • Brooklyn District: Home to The Narrows.
  • Lovett District: Home to Lovett Street and The White Market.
  • Manhattan District: Largest district. This district is home to Rider Ind. and The Valiant Corporation.
  • Queens District: Home to the Queens Academey of Science.
  • Queens Academy of Science: Young students (even heroes) can come here to boost up their skills and gain skill points.
  • Endor Island: Endor Island is a large monument built to the many men and women who died during The Endor Invasion. It has replaced Liberty Island (which was destroyed during the war).
  • Crynex Forest: The Crynex Forest is a forest right outside Valiant. Though not an official part of the city, the Forest is owned by the city and harbors most of it's flora and fauna. Hunters often come here to train, firing at trees and picking off wild game.
  • Belowfire Prison: The Belowfire Prison is a building located underwater full of powerful criminals. It is guarded mainly by the W.P.S. and it its location is top secret.