Lived alone for most of his life, his parents were killed in a plane crash so he lived with his grandparents for most of his life till they died, he lived in an apartment on his own.

Torrin (Frost)

One day he found out that the plane crash his parents died on was not an accident, it was murder, his uncle had wanted to marry his mother but his father stood in his way, he had planned only to kill the father but didn't relise the mother was there.

Torrin confronted his uncle at the labortory where he worked, the uncle grew enraged and pushed Torrin into a pool of -000.001 digrees ice water.

Torrin survived this, but not without some after effects, Torrins black hair became icy white, his skin pale and his eyes were radioactive yellow.

He swore to hunt down his uncle and make sure that no one went threw the pain he went...he became Frost.


Had untidy black hair and blue eyes but when he was transformed his hair turned icy white and his skin pale and cold, his eyes turned yellow. He wears a black jacket along with a white buttoned up shirt and jeans when casual but when he's Frost he wearsa white, long sleeved shirt, white jeans and combat boots, and he also wears a white ski mask.

Powers and Abillites:Edit

Anything he touches he can turn to ice, he is great in martial arts and in sword work.