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Titanium Samurai

-Master Swordsmen

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I am Samurai
Titanium Samurai
Titanium Samurai
Vital Statistics
Real Name Yamato Kazuki
Alias Titan
Age 20
Race Human
Born 1998
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Luke 12346
Played By Luke 12346

Titan (Yamato Kazuki) is a 20 year old human male.


He trained with his father in a dojo in Kyoto, he wanted to be the best samurai in Japan and beat anyone but he always had more to learn from his father.

His mother was a beautiful lady who had many suitors but she ultimatly chose his father, who was her childhood sweetheart, his uncle, Dobunaga had his eyes on his mother also but was enraged when she chose his father instead of him, he plotted for 16 years for his revenge.

One night, when Yamato was coming home from school, he witnessed his own father being impaled by his uncle, with his fathers own katana.

Yamato's mother screamed and told Yamato to run, his uncle came after Yamato and his little sister, who fled while his mother fought off Dobunaga.

He followed the two children to the ocean, where Yamato took up a bokken and fought his uncle while his little sister ran for the police, Yamato was defeated however, slashed in the stomach and left to die in the ocean, the police came and arrested his uncle, who chopped his way free and swore revenge on Yamato and his sister.

Wounded and dying, the ancient spirits of Japan infused Yamato with ancient mystical magic, which made his skin hard as metal, Titanium.

He used his new gifts, along with his mastery over 7 weapons and decided to hunt down his uncle and crime, he took up his fathers Samurai armor and named himself, Titan.

He is both a Hero and a Bounty Hunter, taking up missions from anyone and taking missions to help other people.


Yamato is trained in the code of etiquette in Japan, he is very polite and kind but when he takes up his personality of Titan, he has an angry aura around him which inspires fear of all who face him, he bows to everyone he meets and when he leaves, it is shown as a sign of respect.


Wears silver colored Samurai armor, his skin is hard as titanium and he is strong, when he's not wearing his armor he wears a black kimono and keeps his father's katana with him.

He has untidy black hair, grey eyes and a pale face.


Uses his father's katana, which he cares for day in and out, he fights also with a spear, a tanto (a small, samurai knife), double edged nodachi (a long sword with two blades) and a bokken (wooden sword), he keeps these weapons on slips on his back, which holds them in place.