The Endor Invasion
The Endor Invasion
Universe Original
Allies Heroes
Enemies Endor
Creator (s) ExtremeSSJ4

Event SypnosisEdit

The Endor Invasion is the prelude to the Superhero Nation Roleplay Wiki and one of the most important events in the Superhero Nation Universe. It features the Renian known as Endor attacking the planet Earth and invading it with his forces while Heroes do their best to stop him.

Prelude to the InvasionEdit

Quote1 Earth shall suffer like my planet once did... Quote2

Endor was an alien ripped away from home, forced to live through hell and pain. He suffered during his young years but in the end of his younghood he rose to power. He hated the world and mainly every living planet in happiness. He came upon Earth on one of his journeys were there he discovered that the planet was not so different from his. Angered at Humans for not helping him or his people he decided to plan an attack on Earth but first he had to gather forces.

Endor went on a long journey to acquire all he needed and killed anybody that stood against him. He gathered an army of Robots and a few survivors of the Renian race. Then the mission began.

He sent out robots and a few of his survivors to the planet Earth to investigate and see what this Human race was like. Soon after months of spying on them and disgusing the invasion began...





  • The city of New York was completely destroyed during the even and afterwards the construction of Valiant began.

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