Vital Statistics
Real Name Serena
Alias Charity
Age Unknown
Race Ghost
Born Unknown
Status Revenant of Charity[1]
Production Details
Created by MattShadow
Serena is the name of a Ghost from Other World. She represents Charity and will always give help to those who want it, unless otherwise contradicted by another.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Serena has long blue/purplish hair that reaches down to her belly-button. She has petite features, which are similar to that of a young girl. She also has wide, Purple/Pink eyes. She always wears a deep blue Barrett, and a dark mini-skirt under a pale-cloth shirt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a ghost, Chaos has all the abilities of a ghost, including clairvoyance, permanent intangibility, telekinesis, teleportation, and electrical control and manipulation.



Serena was originally born in France several centuries ago. She died at a young age, roughly before her pre-teens. As a ghost, she existed for several decades in Other World before finally escaping back to the Mortal Plane. At that point, little is known about her until she reappeared sometime later.


Charity is later captured by Cal and brought back to the Safe House (Heroes), where she encounters Matt and Black Hawk waiting at the other side. She briefly talks to Black Hawk before being escorted away by Matt and Cal.[2][3]



  • Serena is the youngest member (in terms of age of death) of all the members of the Order of the Revenant.

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