Morgana's half dragon, half human form

Dragon Girl detail by Kitsune aka Cettie

Taffy's dragon eye

Morgana "Taffy" Youling is a Dragonite, a half dragon/half human.



In human form, Taffy has mostly blond hair, with some pink in the front. She has light blue eyes. She is about 5'6, and she weighs 102 pounds.


In dragon form, Taffy has pink scales, a tan belly, and brown/yellow (ignore the fact that they'


re red in her dragon pic) eyes. She is about 15 feet long, and she weighs almost a ton.


Taffy is very happy most of the time, and sarcastic. She is your average trouble maker. In dragon form, she becomes serious and aggressive.


Taffy was raised in Dragonia, learning how to tame her inner dragon, and also

Taffy's dragon form

how to embrace it. She was good friends with Darrien, the prince of Dragonites, and knew about his enemy, Darkar. One day, Darrien went missing. Every creature went looking for him, exept for the elves. The mermaids looked under the water, the dragons looked in the sky, and the fire faires looked in the volcanoes. Nobody found him, and they assumed he was dead.

One day, Taffy went for a walk, and she met Darkar, the evil wizard who crept into children's nightmares and terrified even the king of the dragons. She turned into her dragon form, but was no match for Darkar. He sent her to Earth, where he had sent Darrien, the missing prince, and his companion, Dragan. She stumbled around, lost, for days, until she came upon the safe house for heroes. She had already seen how much crime was happening in Valiant, and it was the exact opposite of Dragonia, which was peaceful and calm. Taffy decided to use her powers for good, and she became the Dragoness, the half dragon, half stankin awesome girl.


Taffy can turn into a dragon. she can also just turn part of her body into a dragon, such as her hand becomes a dragon hand with claws. She can breathe fire, human and dragon form. She can fly whn she has wings, which she can have in both forms.