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Heratio Saint
Vital Statistics
Real Name Heratio Alan Saint
Alias Fear Master
Age Over a million years old, but goes by 45
Race Human
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
Heratio (Headshot)

Heratio Saint
-Retired Villain

 – 4:25, August 23, 2012 (UTC)

Do you wish to see your fears? I will show them to you. But do not scream if you are scared.

Heratio Saint is an ex-con/retired super villain.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Saint, other than that he was born over a million years ago. At a young age, he discovered his speical knack for making people scared. Discovering that he was a master, supernatural illusinist, he furthered this act of fearfulness by becoming a masked criminal named Fear Master. He traveled around the world comitting crimes using his illusion skills- crimes that included assault, murder, theft, fraud, and much more. However, he was said to have been defeated by a super powerful hero of his time, though in actuality he fled into hiding, having been beaten inches from death.

Post-Endor InvasionEdit

After the defeat of Endor and his forces, Saint moved to the newly built Valiant, hoping for a better, secretive life away from his past. However this was not the case. A high class official recognized him and he was arrested for crimes against humanity. Managing to get off on a bribe to the court, though, Saint was realesed from Belowfire Prison after a year's sentence. After this, he moved into The Narrows in the Brooklyn District, where he bought a large, 2 story house, calling it The House of Horrors- a place where villains, heroes, and citizens may go to face their greatest fears....and hopefully learn to overcome them.


Abilities and WeaponryEdit

Heratio Saint (aka Fear Master) has the ability to tap into peoples' life forces, extrating the thoughts from their hearts and brains, and morphing it into a hallucinaginic gas that may be realeased from pores in his body, allowing the person to see their greatest fears, often scaring them insane, and sometimes killing them.

Haratio also uses a small shiv, made by him, though he rarley uses it these days, having been trying to keep a low, peaceful profile.

Finally, Heratio's gray tabby cat, Barbwire, has a unique ability. It can transform into a massive tiger, with 6 foot fangs and claws. He is very dear to Heratio, and has a nearly impenetrable coat.