Vital Statistics
Real Name Joey Johnson
Alias Death, Joseph Johnson
Age 24
Race Human
Born September 23rd, 1989
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by JDUDE

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I don't fear death, I am it

Death (Joey Johnson) is a 24 year old human male.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Joey has messy black hair, and is roughly 6' 190 pounds. He normally wears a jacket now, or a full out suit.

When he is in costume, he wears a black and red suit.


Joey Johnsons best friend and mother was killed on the same day. On that day, Joey's abusive father has left, and ran off. Joey and his sister (at that age 8 and 11, respectively) ran off to the house, now living alone. When Joey was 14, he was awoken by his sister one morning, now 17, to go to school. Joey was normally bullied, and dreamed over getting the girls. Joey was beaten down that day, after trying to rescue a friend of his. A masked man saved Joey, claiming he was doing it for justice, and to train for his fighting promotion. Joey worked hard at the fighting promotion, and he trained to be a good fighter

Joey was at the bottom at the promotion to begin with, and he was fighting many men, and losing alot of battles, mainly battling the bullies from his school. After about a year or two of training, he started the winning streak. This streak showed him that with hard work, he passed one of his toughest goals. Joey then faced an opponent he never seen before, who crushed him in a matter of seconds. Joey trained with a mentor, who came from japan, and trained with him until he was 20, Joey not fighting in any battles until after the training, and when he came back from the training, he dominated the other man, not knowing a murdering was set to take place, his sister came to the event, and was kidnapped and killed on a live Internet Broadcast. Joey and the man trained even harder, until Joey was 21, to take out the gang of people, And the man he trained with was tossed off a bridge, and after years of controlling rage, he couldnt help but release, killing alot of them in an onslaught. Joey then went into a hideout, never to be seen again. Secretly training to become a better man

Joseph Johnson (age 24), Joey's new form, is a detective, one of the youngest for an actual Detective. Joseph claims to have no relations to Joey, that it's just a coincidence. Joseph mixes his detective working and his other side, Death, to create one of the best duos in history.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Death has no powers

Joey is an amazing combat specialist, fighting for his life on more then one occasion when he was young, which led to him training in combat. Skilled at using most weapons. Joey is also an excellent free runner, using that alot in fighting.

Joey is a quick, and brilliant thinker. Joey's job, when he isn't being Death, is doing detective work.

Joey has incredible mental strength, as well, as physical. Joey became Death by learning about fear, and mastering every trick of it. Therefore, fearing nothing. Joey is also faster, and stronger, then a normal man who trains agressively, more then people who werent gifted with super strength, but trained to be really strong. This comes from him not fearing the after effects of the training