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Vital Statistics
Real Name Leila Padilla
Alias Bulletproof
Age Unknown
Race Avraakian
Born August 17 (Pathor 47, Lunar Year 45079)
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
Bulletproof (Leila Padilla) is the young, superhuman adopted sister of Ryan Padilla.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Being an Avraakian, she is flawlessly beautiful. Leila has flowing blonde hair that she usually wears down (unless in a fight, in which case she wears her hair back in a ponytail.) Her eyes are storm gray, reflecting the color the Avraakian clouds. Her skin is a rather tan-caucasian color, with tints of caramel popping up under extreme heat and exposure to the sun.
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She can usually be found wearing low cut T-shirts with nerdy logos and memes on them, along with shorts and/or skirts. However, when on a mission, she is usually doned in her Graveyard combat uniform, which is then to be covered by her white bio-suit.


Leila Padilla (born Princess Rellena Van Karamitt) was sent to Earth during her planet's Crisis of Blood (an event where the Red Bank tyrant and his army conquered the nations of Avraak.) Her memory was wiped clean during her flight to Earth, where she crash landed on Endor Island in Valiant. A young fisherman/undertaker named Hobby discovered her escape pod, and took her home to where he raised her as his own.

Growing up on the island, Leila helped out her adoptive-dad by fishing and helping and tending to the island. When she turned 16 (the age of womanhood on Avraak), a regiment of the Red Bank's left Avraak to come find her. Upon arriving on Endor Island, they discovered her whereabouts, murdered Hobby, and proceeded to kidnap her. However, during the flight through space, she discovered her superhuman abilities. Busting out of the space ship, she killed the soldiers, destroyed their fleet ship, and returned to Earth exhausted and curious. She moved into The Narrows of Valiant, hiding her powers and abilities from the public.

During her time in the Narrows, she discovered the Graveyards, a group of young, vigilante teams who just so happened to fight crime. Joining them, she rose through the ranks. However, during her right of passage to become leader, she was to be forced to kill a man- something she would never do. She turned down the offer, which branded her a coward and traitor. For this, she was pit in a duel against the Graveyard's leader, Nile. Defeating Nile by ripping out his left eye, she fled from the city to Roostville, Chicago.

In Roostville, she met Black Hawk aka Ryan Padilla. Asking for help and needing a home, Ryan adopted her as his younger sister. Soon after discovering her powers, however, Ryan went into deep detective mode about her origins and bloodline. Finally, after two years of work and investigation, he revealed that she was indeed a princess of the distant planet Avraak, a once lucious but now barren planet.

Today, Leila atends the Queens University of Science, trying to discover a way to portal onto Avraak and relieve it of it's tyrannic rule.

Powers and AbiltiiesEdit

Being of Avraakian decent Leila has many powers. However, being of royal Avraakian decent, she has more than your average Avraakian.

  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Multilingual
  • Eidetic/Photographic Memory
  • No requirement of oxygen (can survive underwater and in space)

Despite her many powers, Leila Padilla is NOT invincible/immortal/invulnerable. She can be killed...very easily, actually. A bullet, of many things, can stop her in her tracks.

She also uses a Crossbow (rarley) and combats with a sword.


Black Hawk- Her adoptive brother, she trusts him with her life. Occasionaly they fight side by side, but he can usualy be seen in Roostville, while she stays in Valiant.

Rogues GalleryEdit

Bulletproof's "Rogues Gallery" is a vast assortment of his most popular/dastardly villains:

  • Red Bank- the evil tyrant that rules over her home planet, Leila simply wants revenge...and his head.
  • Nile- the leader of the Graveyards, he wants revenge on Bulletproof for betraying them and taking his eye.
  • H311- H311 is a rogue android designed by Bulletproof at the University. He is a developed AI who soon became a genius SI who molded itself with a suit of high-tech proficency armor and has now set a goal to annialate Bulletproof.