Blue Burst
Blue Burst
Vital Statistics
Real Name Sarah Shockz
Alias Blue Burst
Age 15
Race Mutant
Born January 26, 1997
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
Quote1 My eyes are up here boys...and so is my lightning." Quote2
---Blue Burst

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Blue Burst

Blue Burst

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Go ahead and quit on your own terms, but don't come crying to me. Because if you do...I'll give you something more to cry about.
Blue Burst (Sarah Shockz) is a 15 year old mutant female, born with the strange ability to shoot lightning out of her fingers. She can also create an electric familiar named Shockz.

Physical appearanceEdit

When dressed as Blue Burst, Sarah Shockz is usually seen wearing her famous blue bio suit with the yellow lightning symbol flashing down the middle. Her hair is a a hazelnut brwon, and her eyes are electric blue, however, when she uses her powers they become storm gray.


To her parent's dismay, Sarah Shockz was born a mutant. Discovering her strange power of manipulating lightning while at a school field trip to a power plant, Sarah Shockz ran away from home, fearing the worst from the community. She began a life in exile, developing her powers slowly. One day she came across a wolf in the woods, and accidentally shocked it to the point where it didn't die, but onle became made of the electricity. Becoming her familiar, she named the wolf Shockz- after her abondoned family.

One day Sarah stopped a hostage crisis at a billionaire's mansion. The billlionaire rewarded her by giving her her famous blue bio suit and mask. Sarah than began to help the city, known as Golden Glow, and became the superhero she is today, Blue Burst.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Blue Burst has the power of electrical manipulation. She can create lightning and absorb it, releasing it back out through her fingertips. She can also use this to fly. By creating electrical discs, she can place her feet on them and float around. She can also conjure Shockz, her electrical wolf familiar.


Borderline- Borderline is Blue Burst's arche enemy. Though she doesn't know it, he is actually the billionare scientist who gave her her biosuit.

Black Hawk- When she moved to Roostville for the short period of time to stop the Borderline Crisis, she helped Black Hawk defeat the evil duo of Borderline and Razorleaf. She also became emotionally attatched to him, as he saved her life more than twice.