Blattaria is a superhero created by DarkCyberWolf.


Tori Kroller had no idea that her father was a supervillain working with insect DNA. She was caught in the crossfire of one of his experiments and became empowered with the genetic material of Periplaneta americana, the American cockroach. She decided to use her power to become a superhero, to right her father's wrongs.


Tori/Blattaria is very easy to bond with; cockroaches are very social animals. She is a planner, and will go out of her way to find the plan that can suit everybody.


Tori has red hair, normally worn down, but worn in a braid as Blattaria. She has green eyes, which, as Blattaria, are kept behind a mask. Her Blattaria uniform is hard brown with thin horizontal black stripes.


Blattaria has the powers of a cockroach. She can:

  • See in darkness as though it were normal.
  • Regrow severed limbs (though this takes some time).
  • Resist direct nuclear radiation.
  • Form immediate bonds with anyone.
  • Survive fatal injuries slightly longer than others would.
  • Go without breathing up to forty-five minutes.
  • Fly, though most people, including herself, are unaware of this.


  • Light. Sudden amounts can blind her temporarily, powerful bursts can be dangerous.
  • Giant shoes. These are somewhat less common than light.


None, yet.


  • Blattaria was created by DarkCyberWolf.
  • Her superhero name, Blattaria, is a scientific name for cockroaches.

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