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Aquatica (Cheyanne Waterson) is a 19 year old human with special powers


Cheyanne has brown/blond hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She is very pretty, but doesn't even pay attention to her looks.


Cheyanne is very nice, and she is funny. She can be random at times, and she is far from being prissy and mean.


Cheyanne grew up in Miami, Florida. She went to the beach a lot, and discovered her powers when she was fifteen. She learned how to use them, and soon mastered the art of hydrokenisis. She can also talk to all aquatic animals, such as crabs, fish, and whales. She stopped a group of villians poaching endangered animals from killing them off, and she vowed to save all animals under the surface of the ocean. She, Cheyanne Waterson, became Aquatica.


talking to aquatic animals- Cheyanne can talk to any animal under the ocean

hydrokinesis- Cheyanne can control water, and not just salt water. it can be fresh water or even water that you have in your house

breathing- She can breath underwater, and doesn't have to come up at all

speed- Aquatica has amazing speed underwater, going up to 100 miles per hour.