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Vital Statistics
Real Name Primrose Erica Wilkins
Alias Absinth
Age 22
Race Human
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Cocoabean
Played By Johansson Scarlett Johansson


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Primrose Erica Wilkins

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Absinth, (Primrose Erica Wilkins), is a 22 year old female electrokinetic good. She is an orphan and the best friend of Kinet.


Absinth is a very shy and quiet young girl. For a 22 year old, she knows much about the cruel world due to being an orphan. Because of experiments done to her, it takes her a while to trust anyone. She has a sense of justice that is unrivaled by few. She is always accompanied by her best, and only friend, Christopher "Kinet" Jordan. She can seem pessimistic, but in reality, she is hoping for the best. However, she is a very strong girl and rarely cries. She doesn't like to talk about her past. When talking about certain topics, Absinth bursts into rage. When Kinet is hurt, she nearly loses her sanity. There are signs she is secretly struggling with her sanity, and in Earth V, she cracked when Kinet died, and murdered her entire city.



Absinth has golden blonde hair with greenish blue hair. She always wears a baggy, green checkered sweater. She wears tattered blue jeans with ruined brown boots. She is 5'2" and has a small bust. Her shoulder length hair is held back by a headband. When she was younger, she had neck length hair, held back by her headband. Recently, she stole a chip from Wolfman which uses an alternate, cleaner outfit. She simply has to remove it to put it on and put it back on, she puts the chip back on. Lazik helped her.


  • Electrokinesis- She can manipulate electricity or create electricity from her mind. She can also manipulate anything containing electricity, things such as television, the human brain (electrons) and much more.
  • Strength- Absinth is slightly stronger than regular humans.

  • High Pitched Sounds- Absinth's powers are stopped and she is in severe pain if she hears a high pitched sound. If she hears too much of it, she could die.
  • Bullets- Like regular humans, if a bullet hits her head or heart, she dies.
  • Other Powers- Other powers can hurt her.